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"A VIRTUAL ISLAND" - FLOX metaverse event platform

"A VIRTUAL ISLAND" - FLOX metaverse event platform

design inspired by " virtual island" - An imaginative space that creates engagement and interaction

FLOX is a new virtual events platform that launches in 2022 by a team of senior leaders from global marketing groups. Flox offers businesses and brands a three-dimensional metaverse experience to help create more human virtual and hybrid live events, complete with all the advantages expected from a digital environment. atelier C+ was appointed as the Metaverse Architect Designer for FLOX from concept to realization. The team is involved in the concept, master plan, and schematic design for commercial and cultural exchange applications.

The Island is inspired by "building a virtual island" which can engage a dialogue with the future and manifest a sense of unrestrained imagination. This island comes with a terrace to an infinite horizon, which the legends are some of the most spectacular on Earth. Apart from a space for business activities, we want to create a breathtaking place that also can promote cultural experiences, including live entertainment. It could be a mix of premier meeting space, art space, NFT gallery, music hall, and sales gallery to suit different kinds of events and activities. Designers make use of futuristic elements including curvaceous forms and organic shapes, to boast a futuristic vibe for the audience.

<The Promenade - enjoy the stunning view of the shore and the beach>
This island is a place where everyone celebrates beauty, creativity, and inspiration in the act of coming together. Apart from attending a dedicated event, visitors could wander along the promenade and beach. This promenade is a major pedestrian link along the shore of the virtual island and enables free pedestrian flow to and from the sandy beach.

<The Pier Lounge - a personalized reception to start the journey>
Reception is the first place of the journey on this island. People would arrive at the pier lounge after landing on the island. A futuristic reception greets all guests at sea level with multi areas to explore and interact. Designers make use of natural timber as a major architectural material to promote sustainable building. Long curved fin walls give visitors to have a view of the Ferris Wheel and open skies. The reception desk provides personalized check-in and e-business function.

<The Ferris Wheel - a networking hub with attraction elements>
Networking plays a big part in the platform. The designer would like to enhance the experience for every visitor. We thought networking and the casual business event could also be tourist attractions. Similar to the London Eye, people could soak up the sights of the Promenade and the island in a space capsule hub at the Observation Ferris Wheel.

<Main Stage - a spacious arena for broadcast and interactive experiences>
Broadcast activity is one of the major events on this virtual island. In Main Stage, it provides a spacious presentation area for any kind of broadcast and presentation activities. A layered, curved, and sophisticated backdrop has been created to immerse the guests. People could even enjoy the Universe view from the ceiling. The arena is seamlessly integrated with the latest broadcasting technologies that allow presentations and other interactive experiences.

<The Business Suites - a customizable space for formal meetings>
Every brand wants an ownable space to create meaningful interactions and conversations. In business suites, these spaces are adaptable, customizable and intuitive to use. People can create multiple screen interactions and trackable business activities, for example, polling.

<Outdoor Stage - an airy open space for live entertainment>
The virtual place is not just a place for convention activities, it is also a place for cultural activities and live entertainment performances. A light, airy and creative space is made for an alternative view of the island and a new perspective on content. It could create something cultural, entertaining, and live that pushes the boundaries of the normal.

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“靈感來自虛擬島嶼” - 互動而富有想像力的空間

FLOX 是一個於新的虛擬活動平台,由幾位來自全球營銷集團的高級領導團隊於 2022年成立和推出。 FLOX 的願意為企業和品牌提供三維元宇宙體驗(three-dimensional metaverse experience),以創建更加人性化的虛擬現場活動。atelier C+ 有幸與FLOX團隊合作, 擔任項目的Metaverse Architect,參與整個項目的概念設計,包括構思於商業和文化交流的空間設計方案概念及相關體驗。

設計靈感來自於“建造一個虛擬島嶼”, 希望這島嶼是一個通往無限地平線與未來對話,體現天馬行空的想像力。除了商務活動空間外,我們想打造一個令人嘆為觀止同時能促進文化的地方,包括舉辦現場虛擬娛樂表演。 這亦可為頂級會議空間、藝術空間、NFT 畫廊、音樂廳和銷售處的混合體,以配合不同類型的活動。 設計師通利用未來主義元素,包括曲線形式,為觀眾營造未來主義氛圍。

<The Promenade - 欣賞海岸和海灘的壯麗景色的長廊>
這個島嶼是個大家聚集在一起慶祝美麗、創造力和靈感的地方。 除了參加特定的活動外,訪客可以沿著長廊和海灘自由漫步。 這條長廊是虛擬島嶼沿岸的主要通道,讓訪客自由前往沙灘。

<The Pier Lounge - 開啟旅程的個性化接待處>
接待處是整個旅程的首站, 富未來主義氛圍的接待處,於海平面上迎接每一位訪客。各訪客到達島上後,會到達休息室(The Pier Lounge),於接待處進行個性化登記,電子商務功能和各種的探索互動活動。 設計師提倡可持續建築理念,以天然木材作為主要建築材料和引入充足的自然光,遊客可以看到摩天輪和廣闊的天空。

<The Ferris Wheel摩天輪 - 具景點元素的社交樞紐>
商務社交是FLOX平台的核心活動,設計師希望於社交功能上,提升每位訪客的體驗。我們認為商務社交和休閒活動也可以成為虛擬旅遊景點。 訪客可仿如置身英國的London Eye,在觀景摩天輪太空艙內,欣賞整個島嶼的美景。

<Main Stage主舞台 - 廣播和互動體驗的舞台>

<The Business Suites商務會議室 – 可配合客戶要求定制的會議空間>

<戶外舞台 - 開放的現場表演空間>
虛擬場所不僅是會議活動場所,也是文化活動和現場娛樂的表演場所。 明亮、開揚和富有表演的空間是為島嶼提供另一種觀點和視角,它可以創造文化和娛樂活動突破常態的界限。

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