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DOUBLE BLACK hong kong

DOUBLE BLACK hong kong

Double black diamond is the most difficult rating for ski runs, and these areas put skiers with extreme landscapes and other unmarked obstacles. These runs are very dangerous and should only be attempted by experts only.

DOUBLE BLACK aims to capture the arts of double black through a menu of premium coffees and food, complemented by a list of selected cocktails and apres ski favorite beverages. Taking over a relaxed location on Mosque Street in Mid Levels, a popular destination for young professionals who also happen to immerse themselves vibrantly in the Soho area. It is also a go-to street for a variety of eateries, pet grooming salons, retail and veterinarian clinics, etc. This pet-friendly restaurant is the hippest new destination where people like to dine, hang out and meet friends.

This restaurant is decorated with vibrant shades of black, charcoal grey, and rustic details, elements that are sure to appeal to young and expert diners. Guests are invited to experience the space and immerse in the sports culture through skis, surfboards and bicycle collections from The Owner.

Apart from creating a sense of cool to the decor, from the rustic concrete walls to the mural arts by local artists, the timber bench seatings allow guests to develop relationships with the community, pets, and neighbors.


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double black hong kong


28 mosque street, mid-levels, hong kong


600 sq.ft.

year of completion:


DOUBLE BLACK hong kong

DOUBLE BLACK hong kong

Double black diamond是滑雪藝術中最難的級別, 位於此地區的路段地形極端而複雜,路上障礙物非常危險,只適合 “Expert only”,即是只供專業的滑雪者嘗試和挑戰。

DOUBLE BLACK 店主通過提供優質咖啡,精緻美食及精選雞尾酒系列,呈現追求有如供 Expert等級的食物藝術。

餐廳位於香港中環半山摩羅廟街,鄰近充滿活力的Soho區附近,是各種餐館、寵物美容沙龍、零售和獸醫診所等的必去之地。 這家寵物友好的餐廳,成為區內喜歡閒逛和結識朋友的新目的地。

為裝飾營造Expert的氛圍, 設計方面以黑色和炭灰色為主,並陳列店主心愛的滑雪板、衝浪板和單車為設計元素,吸引年輕和專業的食客。設計師希望餐廳能夠與社區、寵物和鄰社建立發展關係,除了增設可面向外面的木長椅,亦邀請本地藝術家,於店外創作製造配合主題的壁畫藝術。


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double black hong kong




600 平方尺



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