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conceptual design for a world-renowned auction house and gallery in hong kong




world-renowned auction house


hong kong


50,000 sq.ft.

year of completion


amplifying the excitement and vibrancy of the auction house

In 2020, atelier C+ is honored to participate in the concept proposal for an auction house and gallery project in Hong Kong for a world-renowned auctioneer. Our team faces the design challenge of fulfilling the detailed brief by the client, to envision their new Hong Kong headquarters to be a truly 21st-century auction house. The brief demanded state-of-the-art facilities for their auctions and exhibition halls.

"Skybox" - Amplifying the excitement and vibrancy of the auction house
The design proposal utilizes the building's key features, for instance, open up floor slab to connect between floors. The additional feature staircases and the auction hall’s “Skybox” transform the vertical dynamics between the floors, and provide the much revealed “wow” factors within these upper floors. It is our intention to preserve and amplify the excitement and vibrancy of the auction hall, to encourage openness and physical connection with the auctioneer, and to allow for a VIP box-seat area. Entry to the Skybox will be through the VIP lounge, which is adjacent to a private viewing gallery.

Gallery spaces are given a subtle and harmonious ceiling treatment, while another area such as the office’s reception was decorated with a more dynamic and modern tactile surface. The museum-quality lighting system is being considered within the interior fittings and possibilities of introducing further digital displays on the façade and some key interior spaces.

The lounge is planned as a gathering space in mind, it can be a casual and informal meeting place between clients, staff, and colleagues for PR activities. It serves the guests during auctions and other events, overlooking Hong Kong Island from its full-width balcony.

The office has a high specification of finishes including office furniture and workstations, glazed partitions and feature ceilings. The layout satisfies the client's detailed brief with a substantial increase in workstations and meeting rooms’ provision. The reception is lined with a dynamic wall and ceiling of LED installation projection, where the intention is to create a soothing background to the reception.

We are dedicated to creating a memorable experience upon entering the premises. We work on the design extend to details. We do hope guests would have a different experience every time he or she visits. More importantly, the creation could support the brand identity in the art auction industry and build the momentum in Hong Kong region.

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