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PHILLIP WAIN flagship fitness and beauty clubhouse




phillip wain international


causeway bay, hong kong


48,000 sq.ft.

year of completion


design inspiration from the idea of “Secret Garden”

Atelier C+ team acknowledges this special bond between the club and its members, and extra thoughts and care have blossomed with the idea of “Secret Garden”. This is an idea of a place where one can relax and rejuvenate in the heart of this prosperous city. Phillip Wain has also commissioned the famous French muralist and visual artist, Ms. Elsa Jean de Dieu, to help to create this new experience.

Members are invited to experience the new space and immerse themselves in the new ambience throughout the club. The new Reception greets all guests with the Secret Garden trellis and Victorian botanical artworks, and most of the building wall and services such as lifts are further adorned with green walls. The rejuvenated Juice Bar is the new heart of the club where members can gather to dine, to meet up with friends, or simply to relax. There is a distinct Victorian flavor to the deco, from the fine moulding lines and the faux conservatory to the familiar Victorian botanical wall artworks. This is the place where members can truly experience the flavor and ambience of the Secret Garden.

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