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Body Glow wellness and healthcare centre




body glow


tsim sha tsui, hong kong


2,800 sq.ft.

year of completion


design inspired by "returning to the origin of life"

Body Glow offers a one-stop solution in Pilates workout and chiropractic services to help clients build mind and body wellness through a range of tailored exercises and treatments. The project designer believes that the original concept of Pilates and chiropractor is bringing body enhancement and assisting people to new life through tailored exercise and treatments. The initial state allows guests to have an experiential journey of "rebirth".

As for the doctor consultation room at the chiropractic zone, it is also designed with a comfortable atmosphere and soft lighting, which is different from the cold and tense design layout in the market.

In order to respond to the theme of "returning to the origin", the designer uses a lot of natural elements, including natural wood, circles, curved lines, and plants. In particular, leaves represent the beauty of growth in nature, therefore leaves-themed mural arts are illustrated throughout the space. Furthermore, featuring decent wallpapers with textures that imitate the handmade woven arts.

In the overall space planning, the pilates area and the chiropractic zone are divided into the East and West wing with the greeting reception as the center. In the pilates area, there is one-to-one private studios and studios for groups of six. Guests are firstly greeted by a long curved corridor, this curious space is designed to be an enhancement of privacy and light penetration. In Chiropractic area, it has two doctor consultation rooms with a comfortable atmosphere, high-end technology treatment room, and private treatment rooms.

The team hopes that the spatial is consistent with the brand value proposition, guests could relieve the tension in their busy life, establishes a calm connection with the soul, and create an experiential journey in physical and mental relaxation.

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