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penthouse design project in hong kong






hong kong


2,500 sq.ft.

year of completion


design inspired by "indulgence of elegance and space"

Let us discover the design inspiration of this Penthouse. Inspired by the Owner’s indulgence of elegance and sense of space, we incorporated these elements into this living space. Considering the preference for a peaceful and cosy living ambience of a family of two, designer incorporated the light wood tones and wall mouldings with an atmosphere of light French-style styling are throughout the interior.

The Penthouse Conservatory with Victorian floor tile design seamlessly creates a harmonious connection between the Nature and indoors under the embrace of the mountain view. A multi-functional space with operable wall does not only widen the dining area but also provided a flexible space for the family to enjoy the precious moments, and a welcoming space with family and guests.

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