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Mystic Island Winery and Villa in Shandong




mystic island


shandong, china


653,400 sq.ft.

year of completion


The Mystic Winery is a boutique winery located in Qiushan Vallery, the core of Penglai wine region in Shandong province in China, it integrates humanities, art and ecology.

atelier C+ was honored to be the architectural and interior designer for "Mystic Winery" in 2010. The designer takes part in designing the landscape layout, winery production facilities, and villa.

Sustainable context in Winery
In the overall master plan, the project aims to be coherent with the local scenery. The winery production block is built along the hill allowing the gravity flow wine-making process to be in place, which reduces the impact on the grape juice caused by the machinery. It allows making use of the original landscape, reduces the impact on the site environment, actively protects the local ecological environment which supports their mission in a sustainability context. Since it sits on a raised slope that could overlook the whole vineyard, it also offers visitors different experiences throughout the year. The indoor and outdoor spaces allow visitors to experience the seasonal changes, as well as establishing a truly connection with the vines.

Open courtyard in Villa creates linkage with Natural
At the 12,000-sqft Villa block, designers focus on introducing the natural landscape into the interior. The winery and villa are separated by the natural rise of the land. The villa spaces center around an open courtyard, providing a serene link with the outdoors. The form of building links up different zones and spaces, all major spaces could enjoy the view of vineyards and landscapes. The height of the building tapers on the east and west edge, it is blending and extending into the landscape, it makes the building and local natural landscape as a whole. In addition, the building is constructed with sustainable elements, including green roof and using local building material.

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