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eNewsletter - issue 04

“rejuvenating the soul through design”

design is not only aesthetics,

but also promotes rejuvenation.

The word wellness hit differently than it does today. With health and wellbeing top of mind for the world, wellness-oriented spaces in both commercial and residential settings are prioritizing much more than just relaxation and pampering. The pandemic has crystallized the need we all have for mental and physical health, interior designers need to articulate a response that delivers on not only an aesthetic level but also creates an environment to alter moods and assist rejuvenation.

In this issue, Allan and Karen from design team, are invited to share how their design inspirations to incorporate mind wellness and calm the soul, followed by a project showcase featuring a few wellness-focus projects which are delivered by atelier C+ team recently.

Featured projects:

- Grand Lisboa Palace Macau

- Phillip Wain flagship fitness and beauty clubhouse

- IL Colpo hair salon

- INSKIN aesthetic solutions

- private town club project in hong kong

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