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Our project for hair corner group in Guangzhou K11 mall has won the <Silver A’ Design Award 2018 - 2019>

in Interior Space & Exhibition Design Category in Italy.

We are honoured to announce that our project ('Museum Salon') for hair corner group, has won the Silver A’ Design Award at A’ Design Award & Competition 2018-2019 in Italy!  Realise our vision in #creatingmemoriesthroughdesign !

Classic art museum as our design inspiration

Observed that lots of natural and arts elements in this art mall, eg. grand vertical green wall and plenty of natural light, we come up an inspiration-"Classic art museum" in The Forest. Arch feature with metal trim are the major element. The ceiling is custom-built in arch form and come with concealed mono-tone lighting on every single arch. This is relative rare in hair salon design. This feature is not only to create a tall spatial but also coherent to the design element- “arch”.


Delivering prestige experience and privacy

With the objective to bring the prestigious identity, privacy and customer experience journey, each styling cabinet is stand alone and built with private cabinet.

Thanks for the support from Client.  Thanks the team! 


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